The Watering Hole


Watering Hole

A Watering Hole is a social gathering place where alcoholic drinks are consumed.

There’s no denying the renaissance that has been the craft cocktail movement of the past few years. It seems that every bar is a “craft cocktail” bar these days, yet experimentation and passion continue to fuel today’s cocktail scene, pushing boundaries and creating new opportunities to stand out. Specialty retailers are jumping on the bar bandwagon to keep trend with the cocktail competition at their neighborhood restaurants, making home bartenders a huge new opportunity in the bitters category. I am proud to represent A Priori’s carefully curated collection of bitters and bar accouterments all housed in one warehouse, under one roof, making experimenting, ordering, shipping and billing easier for my customers.


Addition – Seattle, Washington

Angostura – Trinidad and Tobago

Amargo Chuncho – Lima, Peru

Beehive Bitters – Roy, UT

BG Reynolds – Portland, Oregon

The Bitter Housewife – Portland, Oregon

Bittercube – Milwakee, Wisconsin

Bittermens – New Orleans, Louisiana

Chili Beak – Salt Lake City, Utah

Crybaby Bitters – Salt Lake City, Utah

Dale DeGroff’s – Combier, France

Dashfire Bitters – Minnetonka, Minnesotta

Dr. Adam Elmegirab’s Bitters – Aberdeen, Scotland

Fee Brothers – Rochester, New York

Hella Bitters – New York City, New York

Luxardo – Veneto, Italy

Mister Bitters – Melbourne, Australia

Peychaud’s – New Orleans, Louisiana

Pok Pok – Portland, Oregon

Regans’ – New Orleans, Louisiana

Royal Rose – Brunswick, Maine

Scrappy’s – Seattle, Washington

Small Hand Foods – Oakland, California

Speed Craft – Round Rock, Texas

Underberg – Germany

Workhorse Rye – San Francisco, California