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Fellow Food Lovers

Hi! Sheila here!
Welcome to the online home of Elijah Blue Trading Co.

Elijah Blue was born out of my love of family and good food. You know that feeling when you sit down for dinner with a group of your closest friends and family, with a table of amazing food laid out before you, the lights are dim, the music low, the conversation entertaining, and you look around and realize you LOVE what’s at your table, and you LOVE what’s on your table!

In 2005 after many years of working in advertising, marketing and eventually the wine business, I took my passion for exploring food and wine and went looking for how to earn money, have flexibility, and do something that was engaging to my love of food and wine. The opportunity to be a sales rep for a specialty food importer/distributor presented itself, and voila, I jumped in! All in!

While the idea of “sales” was new to me at the time, I didn’t see it as selling, I saw it as introducing stores to unique items that would look great on the shelves and help set them apart from their competition and increase their bottom line. And that part I loved! It combined the elements of advertising and marketing that were so familiar to me, with the endless opportunity and rewards of helping to bring unique, artisan products to store shelves.

In 2008 I went all in, launching Elijah Blue Trading Co, a multi-line manufacturer’s rep firm and brokerage. I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the Pacific Northwest’s best Specialty Food Retailers, wine shops, gift shops, grocery stores, online retailers and distributors for over a decade, Along the way, I’ve been blessed to get to know so many store owners, buyers, employees, and all around passionate foodies, while exploring some beautiful retail environments and working alongside some of the most amazing and passionate entrepreneurial makers out there.

I’m proud to say that I’ve been responsible for more than $8 million in sales for the companies I’ve represented. While the line-up is continually changing along with the retail landscape, we are constantly on the lookout for unique, authentic, sustainable and innovative products for our customers to sell here in the Northwest.

Season after season I’ve introduced new products, worked to merchandise displays, participated in Local events, tastings, trade shows, and helped ensure that the products you need to make your retail environment unique and special make it onto your shelves and into the hands (or shopping bags) of your customers and onto their tables.